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  • Cloudflare has been leaking https traffic data. Change passwords everywhere. Sites like reddit (formerly), Discord, GitHub, DigitalOcean, and tons of others use or have used Cloudflare including us. Oh, and you should probably use two-factor authentication. Many sites support it like Google and GitHub. We support it. Find affected sites: Bug report: Cloudflare blog post:…

  • The Cooler Plaza

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    I hate unexpected debts. nuff said

  • A better theme?

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    Quote from WadaNon: “@Repflez said that he was buying one this week but I haven't heard of him lately. ” I had plans to buy a new theme for the forum the past week but due to an oversight on my expenses, It'll have to wait some weeks. Sorry about that. Quote from Misantropony: “There's a way to change the default style skin of the forum in Settings>General, there're only 3 and still very default tho... ” You can also do it from the footer and clicking "Change Style" there. btw, the black theme i…

  • Monetizing the forum

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    This is a translation of the Spanish thread made by @WadaNon and added some supplementary comments of my own. From now on, the forum will start monetizing itself from several ways: - Advertising - Supporter System (or donations, whatever you may want to call it) This is so we don't have to spend out of our pockets whenever possible. The ads will won't show to supporters and to veterans. To support the forum, please go to this page. It's cheap! A thread wil…